Stay warm and save on your energy costs this winter!

It’s going to be a cold winter. We’re talking one of the coldest on record. And if that wasn’t enough, we’re also in the midst of an energy crisis. Are you ready?

With gas shortages and energy costs skyrocketing across Europe and the United States, we may well have to find alternative ways to heat our homes this coming winter.

As much as we would love to, we can't make the cost of electricity lower, but we can control how much we spend at home. How? Read on and find out!

This sweatshirt blanket will come in handy especially now that the winter cold has arrived and most of us are going to have to spend large amounts of money on electricity with heaters and other appliances to combat the cold.

It's been a decade since the bathrobe-blanket came into our lives. It was first marketed in the United States and after its huge success a Norwegian company has created Homehood, a combination between a sweatshirt and an oversized blanket that provides warmth and comfort wherever and whenever you need it.

The hooded blanket you won't want to take off all winter long.

The garment that you can't miss this cold winter

On those days when the temperatures are constantly dropping and you can't turn on the heating at home for whatever reason, Homehood is your best option.

It is ideal for the sofa, to cover up with it and watch a film with a bowl of popcorn or even perfect for now with the advent of teleworking where we spend much more time at home.

Not sure you can afford to turn the heating on once the mercury drops? Help is at hand. Stay  warm and maintain the perfect home temperature with Homehood.

How many times have you been at home and been cold? With the Homehood blanket sweatshirt, it won't happen again!

Warm, soft and very comfortable

With extra large sleeves, an oversized hood and a roomy front pocket, Homehood will keep you warm while you relax at home, watch TV, play family games, go camping....

The material Homehood is made from is soft and durable. The material provides great comfort and keeps you warm for a long time!

That's not all! If your hands get cold, the extra large front pocket keeps your hands warm.

Don't miss out on yours!

Your best ally against the cold! Unisex, reversible and in 8 different colours.

The design, besides being soft and comfortable, is perfect for both women and men. As it is one size fits all, simply choose the colour you like best!

It can be worn on one side or the other and the elasticated sleeves make Homehood very comfortable, even when you're on the move.

Give Homehood as a gift this year! It's the perfect gift to keep family and friends from getting cold anymore.

The best option on the market

I'm very happy! It's very warm and very warm. I stopped using the heating in winter! Just by wearing this, I'm not cold anymore.

It was a gift for my sister-in-law and she was delighted! She doesn't get cold and as it's long, it covers her whole body. She sits on the sofa and the bottom covers her feet perfectly. 100% RECOMMENDABLE.

As the price of electricity and gas are, it has been a good gift for my mother in this cold winter. She won't take it off for the whole winter.

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Main advantages:

  • Perfect for any occasion and for most people, not only for women, but also for men. One size fits all.

  • Reversible and hooded: Homehood can be worn on both sides and thanks to its hood you can keep your head nice and warm.

  • Very soft and comfortable material that guarantees great comfort. This soft and comfortable giant hooded blanket will keep you warm and cosy on the coldest days.

  • Very versatile: If you're on the couch, you can tuck your legs in to cover up completely, but it can also be rolled up if you're making a snack or want to move freely wherever you go.


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Frequently asked questions:

Is there a men's product or is it unisex?
They are unisex and one size fits all.

Does it have a warm fleece inside as shown in the photos?
Yes, it is lined with fleece on the inside.

Easy! Simply put in the cold wash and then tumble dry separately at a low temperature.

Is there a discount code?
Yes! For the first few weeks after launch they have a 50% discount.

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2. Receive the product at home and forget about the cold this winter.

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