House slippers that you will want to wear even on the street.

Completely different from any slippers we've previously tested.

Sweaty feet, horrible designs and they don't last more than a year or two. That's what we've always encountered when buying slippers in our usual stores - and we thought that's how they all were!

As the years go by, problems arise in the feet that can end up causing other injuries. That's why many doctors recommend not to walk barefoot as much as possible, since the footprint is not always correct. And this is something that sneakers take into account, but walking shoes usually do not.

We don't understand how no one had thought of this before: to create slippers that combine the functionality of orthopedic slippers with the comfort required in shoes for walking around the house. And with anti-sweat technology and different designs to suit all tastes.

And that is exactly what we found when we bought our first Comfy Shoes. A comfortable shoe that discharges the energy of the foot strike and keeps the foot at an ideal temperature while wearing them. But wait, because there's still more!

The Comfy Shoes are made with the best materials on the market that make them robust and durable but at the same time very light.

Waterproof and slip-resistant technology

In addition to all of the above, the Comfy Shoes design team didn't overlook a situation that could happen at home: liquid spills, whether in the kitchen or the bathroom. And that's why they incorporated another incredible element into the slippers: a waterproof microfiber fabric exterior and a sole with anti-slip technology to prevent any scares at home.

Bottom line: we think the Comfy Shoes are true all-terrain slippers!

We all know how dangerous it can be to fall at home.

Unfortunately, although it's not something that happens every day, household accidents do happen. I'm sure you know someone who has had a scare and even needed weeks to recover from a silly fall down the stairs or onto the floor. And there comes a point where, at least for us, we'd rather not risk it.

The fact that Comfy Shoes is committed to safety is another thing that made us fall in love with them. Whether for cooking, for unloading our feet when we got home from work, or simply for the comfort and warmth they offer (especially on colder days), we saw that these slippers were one of the best options to take into account.

What makes the sole special?

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, the Comfy Shoes have orthopedic technology. Their design focuses mainly on the inner part that is in contact with the foot, with an adaptable sole and a relief that massages the foot when walking to promote circulation, also helping to prevent pain and reduce swelling and fatigue.

As we get older, we all have these types of problems and the last thing we want is for them to get worse. We know that a minor ailment, whether it is a knee, ankle or muscle issue, can end up getting worse. Recovery is all about how we take care of our body, and.... slippers are worn for quite a few hours a day!

For all these reasons, we believe that Comfy Shoes are now a product without a similar competitor and one that any of us could benefit from using on a daily basis while gaining comfort while at home.

That's not all, there are even more advantages!

Comfy Shoes are available in a wide range of colors to suit your taste.

Available in a wide range of sizes so that everyone can benefit from their use.

Due to its recent launch, the company has launched an offer that will not leave you indifferent, here are the instructions below to get your discount!

The best option in the market.

I decided to try them because mine were very old and, being made of fabric, they got dirty easily. But what surprised me the most was the comfort I noticed from the first day and how they adapted to my foot. They don't sweat, so they don't smell, a great discovery!

I use them all the time because since the pandemic I have been teleworking. I have greatly improved the unpleasant pain that I had before in my feet, being able to perform my daily routine without any pain, I recommend it without a doubt, I can no longer be without them.

I have found them very useful when taking breaks at work, I change the heels for the slippers and I suffer much less, since all day on my feet and I end up with very sore feet.

Start using Comfy Shoes and you will see its benefits in your day to day life.

Just follow these 3 steps to get yours with the launch discount:

1. Add the product to your shopping cart (be sure to choose the color and size of your preference).

2. Click Continue and fill in your shipping and payment information.

3. Receive the product at your home and enjoy the best orthopedic slippers on the market - you're sure to like them!

Main advantages.

  • Avoid foot sweating with these new slippers: different from any other you've tried!

  • They are very easy to put on and take off and at the same time the technology of the sole can help you to walk correctly.

  • Their materials and design make them waterproof and slip-resistant, so you can avoid a scare at home!

  • Available in various colors and sizes so that anyone in your home can enjoy them.


  • Only for sale online on this official website.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Can they be used in summer?

Yes, they are very breathable.

Are they heavy?

No, their materials are very light, so they are easy to wear.

Are they just for indoors?

No, their sole and wide variety of designs make them perfect for outdoors.

Do they slip?

No, their rubber sole protects against slips and falls.

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